Understanding Your Status

When you log into your YOUniversal account, you will notice that your scholarship applications have a current status listed. The list below explains what each status means with regard to your application:

  • Submitted Application: You have successfully submitted your application. No other action has been taken at this time.
  • Eligibility Pending: Required documents have not been received, or if all required documents have been received, you do not qualify for the scholarship based on what was submitted. (You can see the program-specific page of your YOUniversal account for more information.)
  • Eligible: You meet at least the minimum requirements to receive the scholarship. Being eligible is not a guarantee of award.
  • Pending Acceptance: You have been awarded a scholarship and need to choose to either accept or decline your award.
  • Accepted: You have accepted your scholarship award.
  • Awarded: Your school has verified your enrollment, and if your school verified you as appropriately enrolled, funds have been sent accordingly.
  • Pending Award: Your scholarship has been renewed and is awaiting enrollment verification from your school.
  • Probation: You have not met all of the renewal requirements for your scholarship. You may make up deficiencies at your own cost during the summer semester. You are responsible for sending transcripts verifying that you have met requirements by September 15.
  • Ineligible: You do not meet the requirements for the scholarship.
  • Declined Award: You have declined your award.
  • Award Not Accepted: You have not responded to your award notice by the deadline, and your award was automatically declined.
  • Hold: Your scholarship has been placed on hold.
  • Completed: You have completed your eligibility for the scholarship. Either you have graduated or used the maximum allowed amount of scholarship funding.
  • Dropped: You have been dropped from the program due to not meeting renewal requirements.