Understanding Student Statuses

When you log into your Ready For College counselor access account, you will notice that your students’ scholarship applications have a current status listed. The list below explains what each status means with regard to their applications: 

  • Submitted Application: Student has successfully submitted the application. No other action has been taken at this time.
  • Eligibility Pending: Required documents have not been received, or if all required documents have been received, the student may not qualify for the scholarship based on what was submitted.
  • Eligible: Student meets at least the minimum requirements to receive the scholarship. Eligibility is not a guarantee of award.
  • Pending Acceptance: Student has been awarded a scholarship and needs to choose to either accept or decline the award.
  • Accepted: Student has accepted his or her scholarship award.
  • Ineligible: Student does not meet the requirements for the scholarship.
  • Declined Award: Student has declined the award.
  • Award Not Accepted: Student has not responded to his or her award notice by the deadline, and the award was automatically declined.
  • Hold: Student’s scholarship has been placed on hold.